Saturday, May 28, 2016

Book Review: Stars Over Sunset Boulevard

The historical aspects of this book were intriguing. I loved learning about some of the history and behind-the-scenes looks into Hollywood and "Gone With the Wind" in particular.  Actually, on several occasions I looked up additional information online- from looking for a picture of Scarlett O'Hara's green hat (that I couldn't recall from memory), to information about various actors, actresses, and studios back then.  I enjoyed the historical aspects of this novel very much- but I am a bit of a fan of history.

However, I felt that the story and characters were a bit predictable. I was disappointed that the gospel didn't play a role at all in the character's lives, which I expected from a book from christianaudio.  There was of course the elements of any great story- a beginning, then a bad decision that leads to a problem and then a resolution.  However, I felt that the climax was breezed over a bit.  The resolution contained aspects of grace, but only after wrongs had been committed by both main characters.  There is however a great deal of grace given by Burt towards Violet, but less so towards Audrey.  The characters, though predictable, weren't always consistent. The beginning of the story seemed a bit slow, but then the pace sped up drastically as months and even years are skipped.  I did like the flash backs from present day to history, but the information was somewhat distracting from the main storyline.

Overall, I found the book to be entertaining, but mostly because of the fantastic narrator. Ann Marie Lee, from the very beginning had a lovely voice and then I was pleasantly surprised at her ability to distinguish the character's dialogue by the accents she gave them- while staying true to the descriptions in the text. Violet had a southern drawl seemingly straight out of "Steel Magnolias" and Audrey's deeper thicker voice was exactly as I imagined. Lee even provided French accents and perfect French for additional characters. Had I been reading the book, I might not have finished it, but listening to the audio recording proved to be delightful.

Overall, I do recommend this audio book for anyone looking for an entertaining reading of a moderately entertaining story of friendship with a glimpse into history.

You can purchase it here: Stars Over Sunset Boulevard

*I received a copy of this work from in exchange for my honest review.

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