Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why We Need Some "Me Time" Everyday

So throughout my life, I have come to an understanding that when God places the same idea, scripture, topic in front of my face multiple times from completely different sources, He wants me to pay attention!  It can be something said in Sunday School or discipleship groups, or from the sermon, a blog post, or in my quiet time...either way, I usually hear or see it several times.  The funny thing about this particular topic, is that I had already received the message and decided to share with you all here, when I heard the idea again this morning in my Make Over Your Mornings course (that I mentioned in my last post from Money Saving Mom).

Before I share it with you, I'd like to confess something about myself... I didn't realize how selfish I was, until I had a son.  Sure there was an adjustment when I got married.  But as I mentioned in this post, I had such a desire to be a "good wife" I went a bit overboard with my expectations.  But when I became a mom, I had absolute complete love for my little one.  I didn't actually mind getting up and feeding him and changing his diaper... as long as his daddy woke up, too! And through the past couple of years I have unfortunately made my frustrations known when I've been interrupted while trying to just take some time for me. 

But I fully believe that we do need to take some time for us every day. See, what has been showing up in front of my face over and over for the past few days is that I need to refuel, recharge, renew etc.  The unfortunate thing, is there is this idea that to take time for yourself makes you selfish.  In some instances, like the lady who left her 9 year old home alone for a weekend so she could go to the beach with her boyfriend- that is absolutely the case! Or when I am playing a game, or looking at social media and feel inconvenienced when my husband or son are interrupting me... yep- selfish. 

But in day to day life, we NEED to take some time for us.  So let's further clarify this "me time"... those small moments of time for you whether it's early in the morning before the kids wake up, or at night after they've gone to bed, or during nap time, or during your lunch break while you are at work (pick me), we need to make the most of them.  The first priority for me in those times is checking Facebook- NO it's not! If I do, then it sucks all the time away... so no, the first priority for me in those moments is time spent with God. A devotion, a Bible study, reading through the Bible- whatever-- it's digging into God's word, and spending some time in prayer.  How can I possibly be the godly wife and mother that God has called me to be, if I am not first filling myself up with Him?  How can I serve in ministry at my church, or volunteer, or be an example to others, unless I take time to recharge and refuel with God and his word?  

In the past, I have mistakenly let this time slip and in so doing, I end up trying to give and serve and find myself worn out and coasting on fumes.  Cars won't go on "want to" and neither will we be able to go and go, on willpower alone.  We MUST take time to spend with God and set that as a priority.  

So our first priority in "me time" is to equip our souls and the second is to take care of our bodies.  We NEED sleep.  Before you make excuses about why you can't because of your kids let me say, I get it.  I remember the middle of the night wake ups (multiple times a night).  But I also know that I will be better off not to stay up late watching that TV show or movie, or looking at the computer or phone screen or even reading.  Sure those things may fit into the definition of "me time" but they shouldn't come before your quiet time, sleep time (however long that is for you 6, 7, 5 hours), or even exercise time.  And routine exercise doesn't have to be about being a certain size, but instead it's about taking care of your temple and being healthy whatever size you are and it's important.

See this is what I've learned and so I'm sharing.  Because I have absolutely struggled in this area. I use moments that could be better spent equipping me and instead turn into a bit of a sloth in front of the TV.  I'm not saying that TV and social media are of the devil, because in and of themselves they aren't. But what I have found is that when I am not glued to the TV or my phone then I am much more productive in keeping the house picked up, spending quality time with my son and husband, and feeling rested.  And because I want to reach the full potential that God has prepared me for- being a godly wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, friend, Pastor's wife, etc. then I have to use the precious moments of time I have, to refuel (by spending time in the word), recharge (getting enough sleep or as much as possible in this season), and re-energize (by exercising and eating well).  By properly taking care of me, I am able to selflessly give to others, which makes this whole "me time" thing not selfish at all.  

And depending on the age of your kids, you can always have family fit time where you exercise together. On Sundays and sometimes Saturdays, our family has family nap time! haha  And I highly recommend modeling a quiet time for your kids, where they have theirs when you do... not really an option at this point for me with a 2 year old but hopefully something for the future!

Whatever this looks like for you, I encourage you to discuss it with your husband and work together to set time aside for both of you to accomplish these 3 priorities in your routine.

Love in Christ,


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