Thursday, June 4, 2015

Making Over My Mornings

I don't know about you, but if I start out my day on the wrong foot it seems to throw a kink into the whole rest of the day!  This may mean I over sleep (hitting that snooze button just one too many times) or I can't figure out what to wear, or my hair is just going crazy!  So when I saw that Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom had put together a web course about making over your mornings I was pretty excited.  Mainly because I have been following her blog and Facebook posts for a few years now and really like what she has to say, but also because my mornings could do with a bit of a makeover!

First things first, I was curious what this "web course" would entail. When you purchase her class (which is only $17) you get a workbook and access to fourteen less than 5 minute videos from Crystal -one for every day of the course! The total amount of time this takes is 15 minutes or less a day- totally doable!

Each day has a couple of ideas or tweaks and opportunity in the workbook for you to record your goals and strategies.

For example, day two's title is "Your Morning Begins the Night Before."  From elementary school my mom always wanted us to lay our clothes out the night before...sometimes that happened. ;-)  But it definitely became a goal when I entered the workforce after college.  So part of my nightly routine is to lay out Bug's clothes (on daycare days) and pick out my outfit as well... hubs is on his own! ;-)

Another important thing to do the night before that has a HUGE effect on my morning and entire day is go to bed earlier than too late! One of my stressers in the morning is traffic on the way to work.  Due to where I work it is pretty unavoidable, but I have found that if I can leave my house 10-20 minutes earlier the traffic is MUCH better...or maybe I don't feel as stressed about the possibility of being late because of wrecks or back ups because I have a cushion... either way earlier is better for me!  But more times than not, at night I lay in bed looking at my phone and any of the apps of social media, Pinterest or games that can suck my sleepy time away and before I know it, I've been laying there for an hour when I should have already been asleep! And when I go to bed too late, I am much more inclined to hit that snooze button 3, 4, 5 times!

You may be thinking that these ideas aren't rocket science, and you are correct. But when was the last time you really focused on your morning routine? And like this example, how much the night before can play a role in your next day's success?  And even though we know it, how often do we actually put steps in place to change it?

And that's what this course is about.  It's taking a look at the first part of the day and figuring out how to structure it in such a way that helps with the flow of the rest of the day.  You may be saying, Crystal is a work at home mom who homeschools, how is what she says going to work for me?  Admittedly, she mentions taking a nap when your kids do in the afternoon, which I have done during my lunch break before (mainly when I was pregnant) but isn't all that realistic in most cases (even for the moms who are at home)! However, Crystal offers great tips for all moms, no matter what season of life you are in, whether you are getting your kids ready for school, or are setting up your routine for being at home. Or like me, who just has to get myself up, ready and out the door (thank you my wonderful husband)-- there is great info for everyone!

So I encourage you to check it out.  You can (hopefully) click the picture above, or you can visit this link: (which is my affiliate link for the program).  And there are also Facebook groups you can join with others who are going through the course.  And if you decide to do it, PLEASE let me know.  I'd love to discuss it with you and have added accountability!

Love in Christ,


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