Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Time

Today is August 1st!  Can you believe it?  I know I can't.  Seems like it was just May and the whole summer lay ahead.  But now summer is almost over!  Now don't get me wrong, I love Autumn.  It is my absolute favorite season. But there is a lot to be said for Summer, too.  Summer means watermelons, baseball games, fireworks, family time, cook outs, ice cream, Vacation Bible School, beach, pool, flip-flops... the list goes on and on.

And though the summer isn't over yet, I have decided to share with you some of the things we have been up to, starting with the first picture which is Bug's first baseball game.  He did great- just sat in this person's lap or this person, taking everything all in- and he helped Papa eat his ice cream cone, which may have been his favorite part of the game!
 In June, TJ, Bug and I went to youth camp with our church to Myrtle Beach.  We rose early each morning for breakfast then some fun songs to make sure the youth were really awake.  Then we had small group devotions and then came back together for a time of Bible Study.  After that was lunch and free time.
After free time there was worship time and large group devotion.  It was much different chaperoning a youth camp with a one year old! But he had a buddy there to play with since another couple had taken their son- and the youth were great with them.The focus for the week was to make the decision to stand for Jesus.  Don't be a Zode in the road! (It's based on a Dr. Seuss book, see the video here.) Don't stand at the crossroads and debate back and forth about which way to take.  Don't choose the wrong path.  Choose Jesus!

While we were at camp, we got the news that TJ's brother and his wife had welcomed our precious little niece into the world! So we drove across state to go see that beautiful gift from God.  And she is so sweet, and no I did not get baby fever! ;-)

On July 4th, our family put up corn.  If you don't know what this entails, I will give the quick explanation- it is many hours (depending on how much corn you want) of de-silking the ears of corn, then washing them, then boiling them, then cooling them, then cutting the corn of the cob, if you want it loose, then bagging either the loose corn or the ears.  Basically, it took us all day.  But oh, that corn will taste so good this fall, winter and spring!

 The next week our family went on vacation to the beach for a week.  While we were there, we went to the aquarium, that Bug was just not all that impressed with yet.  But it was still neat pushing his stroller up to each tank and oohing and aaahing over all the pretty fish-ies!  This is the first time ever that my family has gone on vacation for a week and it was so much fun! My sister came in from out of state for a few days, my cousin who lives out-of-country was in town for the month, and of course the rest of us who live within 30 minutes of each other were there.  We did miss my brother-in-law who is deployed and my cousin who was taking some amazing grad school class out-of-state.  I'm thinking next time everyone has to be there and we should go Disney resort?  ;-)

Obviously, vacation is different with little ones, but with an improvised baby gate we didn't have to sit quite so on edge! And the float in the picture above made pool time lots of fun. Bug was able to get in the water and be shaded!  I got it from Amazon (of course).

A few weeks ago we were able to pack meals after church one Sunday morning, that were sent to Nicaragua. Stop Hunger Now is a great organization that is committed to ending world hunger and they are also working to provide wells in Uganda so the people there can have fresh water.    I encourage you to visit their website: and their Facebook page: There is such staggering statistics and opportunities for you to be able to volunteer, please check them out!  Kids can help out... though not quite as young as Bug.  But it is a great opportunity to teach your kids about helping others.

And throughout the entire summer, I have been doing the "You Are Loved" Bible study from Good Morning Girls- and it has blessed my soul! I can't wait until their Esther study this fall! 

And there has been another new development that has occurred for our family this summer...but I'll share more on that in another post. ;-)

So, what have y'all been up to?  Have you taken vacations? Stored up fresh veggies? Served those in need?
I'd love to hear about it in the comments or you can email me at

Love in Christ,


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