Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thank Yous

This Sunday, I admitted to my mom that I felt like I had sinned against her.  And I want to confess to all of you, because I feel I have sinned against some of you as well. I hope that you forgive me and know that I truly am sorry and please do not hold my actions against my parents-they really did raise me better and this is in no way a reflection on them.  But I confess to you today *deep breath* that I never sent out thank you notes for all of our baby gifts! *insert gasp or laugh (hopefully laugh) here* Notice I didn't say that I never wrote them, because as I was in Bug's room looking for something this weekend, I saw a large stack that had already been written, just never addressed or mailed.

And I know, believe me I do, that some of you are judging me right now.  I was raised in the south and like I said, my parents taught me all about the importance of thank yous and note sending. So I understand that some of you are disappointed and possibly offended that you never received a note. Though I honestly have to say, personally, I'm perfectly fine if I never receive a thank you note and don't keep up with it if I do or don't.  It's a very nice gesture and having written all the many thank you notes for our wedding gifts I am appreciative when I receive one, because I know the time it takes. (All the wedding notes were sent by the way even if the last 2 were sent within a month of our 1 year anniversary- which is still within the limit according to etiquette, so I was told!)

And though my son isn't quite a year old yet and I don't know if that within one year rule applies, I want to tell you that if you haven't received your thank you note yet, you probably won't because I think it would be kind of weird at this point.  I will tell you all though, that we were completely showered with love and the gifts have been so much fun and wonderful to use this past year- yep even the diapers with their adorable designs!  And we still have some diapers and wipes left that haven't been opened yet because of such great kindness. I want you to know that not sending a thank you note means that we aren't less thankful for your gift, just like sending one wouldn't make us more thankful.  We were so blessed and have continued to be- we know this and we are completely grateful.

So for those of you who do get offended by not receiving thank you notes, I ask for your forgiveness.
 And I would like to encourage everyone to try something:
Let's choose not to be offended by things that may have offended us in the past.
Let's extend grace to others instead of harboring negative thoughts.
Let's choose to cast those thoughts aside.
Let's choose to love each other.  
I'll be honest, letting offenses pass on by has been a struggle of mine in the past...not about notes but in so many other things.  And those things are difficult to forgive at times, because I won't let them go. But if we choose up front, not to be offended by the actions of others against us, then there will be no need for forgiveness in the long run because there will be nothing to forgive.

It's in facing my own struggle with being offended that I write this post.  All of us have things that happen to us that we take offense to, whether it's someone not holding the door for you, or cutting you off in traffic, or not sending a thank you note.  And what offends one person may not offend another.  So as I encourage you to choose not to take offense, I also recognize the need to apologize for unintentionally offending you.  And I want to thank you truly for any kindness you have shown me or my family.  We really do appreciate you.

 Love in Christ,


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