Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Just Do to Do

This weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of traveling to Maiden, NC to speak at a discipleship weekend for youth. He taught the main sessions and then we each had the opportunity to speak to the guys and girls in their breakout sessions. It is such a blessing and answer to prayers to be able to serve the Lord together with my husband.  Though I didn't wait until I was married to serve the Lord.

From an early age I began serving in church.  Singing as a child and helping around the church led to assisting with children as a teen and eventually I was teaching a Vacation Bible School class, then a children's Sunday School class, and then I began working with teenagers myself in my twenties.  Admittedly, I was probably not the most qualified of teachers for four to sixth graders as a 19 or 20 year old. And upon maturing more in my faith I have realized that just because I may see a need and want to fill it because I have the desire to help and serve in my church, does not mean that I am called by God to be the person in that position.  And that means having to say no sometimes.

I realize that many women, especially pastor's wives believe that their biggest ministry is in caring for their homes and kids because this allows their husbands the ability to be effective in their ministries.  And I think if those women feel called by God for that role then they are disobeying and as such they are committing sin by not fulfilling that calling.  But I, at this particular time, have not heard that call and instead I feel that God is leading me to other ministry opportunities outside of my home.  Some are with my husband, like this past weekend and some are specifically mine, like this blog.  But in all the ministry that we are both called to, we include the other. My husband reads my blog first.  And I am somewhere near the top of his list in hearing what God is leading him to do in ministry.  ;-)

My husband started as Associate Pastor of Worship and Students at a new church today. (Actually, it's established- so not a church plant, but it is new to us!) This is a large church, and, I imagine there are many areas that are in need of Christian servants.  And the "helper" in me wants to be able to say yes to all the things and help out and serve everywhere there is a need.  But the seasoned Christian I have become has committed to keeping my initial "yes-without-hesitation" tendencies in check and instead approaching our new church and ministry opportunities prayerfully.  Which may mean I will say no, even if it is something I enjoy or think will be fun.  If God isn't calling, I'm not answering- ;-)

 For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.
Romans 12:4-6
a (ESV)

God gifted each of us with specific gifts and talents to be used for His glory and to further His kingdom.  If you aren't following God's calling then you are disobeying God.  And it isn't right to just be sitting on the sidelines watching others do the work of the church either. Being a Christian is not a spectator sport. Far too many Christians aren't actively involved in the body of Christ and their absence is felt. 

I encourage you today, to prayerfully consider where in the body God is calling you to serve.  A great way to figure that out, is to assess the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with.  I am not a crafty person, so heading up the Craft time for VBS is probably not where God is calling me. It isn't right for those who are great basketball players to play volleyball instead, just because they need volleyball players and it isn't the right thing for you to not be utilizing your gifts in one area because you are serving elsewhere. If you are serving in a position that you don't feel is actually where you need to be, please don't just immediately walk away, but first speak to the director of that ministry or the pastor and begin praying for God to send someone to fill that need. As a trusted Pastor friend used to say, "If this ministry (fill in the blank with whatever) is in the will of God, He will call His workers to it." Don't miss the blessing God has for you, because you don't answer is call!

And if you are serving then "Serve the Lord with gladness!" (Psalm 100:2a) If you are serving with a disgruntled attitude and complaining the entire time, you are not serving the Lord with gladness and perhaps you should pray about whether you are actually called to be in that position... or it may be that you just need an attitude adjustment! :-)

Love in Christ,



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