Friday, February 28, 2014

Total Surrender- Part 3

In the past two posts, I shared with you that I had been convicted of a sin through a webcast video on a blog I read regularly and then I shared responses Christians have to sin once it has been revealed.

I left those two posts intentionally general as they are the beginnings of any one's repentance no matter what the sin is.  But this post is to share specifically my story with you.

As a Christian who was raised in church, I have sung the hymn "I Surrender All" numerous times.  And have even committed myself to living a life for Christ saying that yes I surrender my life, my dreams, my singleness and dating(when I was single), marriage, my parenting, my son- all to Jesus.  And though there are snippets of trying to take back control I am aware that I made these commitments and therefore strive to prayerfully honor God by giving him complete control.  Sounds great... but here comes the soul punch- I watched a webcast recently featuring Clare Smith, a Christian fitness instructor, who talked about how some people surrender their hearts and lives to Jesus- but not their health- POW! I got a punch right to the soul... and the heart.

She went on to say that we need to give those cafe mocha's and salads and all those choices we make to the Lord.  It doesn't mean that He will say we can't have them, because He may say we can, but the issue is that we haven't asked him.  And I realized that I haven't been seeking his will in this area of my life, plain and simple.

I remember surrendering my dreams in my early twenties saying, "God my life is all for you, wherever you call me to go then You will be with me and that's where I want to be."  Similarly, when I was single, I committed to follow God's leading and wait for the person He chose for me even if that meant I would be single for years or if it meant I was destined to be single.  Because being in God's will and following His calling is most important and a life outside of his will is much less than what it could be with Him calling the shots.  I made these commitments yet I had not surrendered my health to him. 

Why? Well, I didn't realize that He wanted it. I strive daily to represent Jesus well on social media, in how I dress, how I interact with people at work, and in everyday life. But I didn't realize that my health was something I was holding on to and not surrendering.  Hear me tell you that this is not because I am unhealthy.  This has nothing to do with numbers on a scale or on a clothing tag and everything to do with my heart.

See a few years ago, I was running and losing weight and I can honestly say that I was kicked into gear because I realized that God wasn't getting the best of me. That I could be much more affective for the kingdom if I was healthy and in shape... but I never actually surrendered my health to him then.  Food and exercise was then, is now and has always been an idol in my life.  There has always been a focus on it, whether it's I need to be doing it this way and guilt because I'm not, or the complete opposite of that with a focus on everything I ate and all the exercises I did with counting and measuring and tracking.  Trying to get faster and be better.  The problem with both of these is that they are off focus because the one thing I need to be focused on is Jesus.

It's a gray area in our lives because it looks different for different people. But the same can be said in marriages and parenting and finances, etc. But because I have surrendered each of those to the Lord, I read His word, I seek out books or articles from trusted Christian authors on the subject and I pray.  And I should be doing the same thing with my health.
"My encouragement to you, is just to press into the Lord. It's the exact thing I had to do when I was in all those murky areas like finances and things like that- what would God want me do in this." ~ Clare Smith,
So, the battle is just beginning.  But the first step was to acknowledge that by not surrendering my health to God it had become an idol in my life and therefore, sin. The next step was my response to the sin, which was confession and repentance.  And now, step 3 of this total surrender is praying through this daily struggle to give up control of what I think I should be eating, how much exercise I think I need, whether I should take vitamins and to focus on Jesus and what He wants me to do in this area of my life.

It won't be a fast fix.  But I am thankful that God pointed it out to me because it's not just my health that I'm responsible for, but also the health of little man. And I believe as parents we will be held accountable for the example we set for our children, the instruction we give them, and the things we allow them to do from the time they are born until the day WE die.

What about you...

Have you surrendered your life to Christ, including your health?

Are your thoughts consumed by things other than Christ, so that you need to refocus your vision back to Him? 

And I would very much appreciate your prayers for me and I would love to pray for you if you too are beginning a journey of total surrender.  You can email me at

Love in Christ,


*Update- Sorry, totally forgot to add the scripture verses that I am praying through:

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. ~Romans 12:1

Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (ESV)


  1. Thank you Alyson for being totally honest on your blog. Your words speak to me and I too struggle with or 'try to avoid' a TOTAL surrender of my ALL. I covenant with you to pray for you as you continue on your journey and I ask the same of you. May you be blessed for your honesty and may we both remember that we are not in this alone..... Blessings to you my sister......Sissy D.

  2. Sissy- this is such a delayed response because I just figured out I could reply to comments (still figuring this blog thing out)- but thank you for your comment! And especially thank you for your prayers. It is a struggle I have had my whole life and not an easy "fix" for sure. I am praying for you as well!

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