Monday, February 24, 2014

Total Surrender- Part 1

For many years now I have been a blog reader.  The blogs I read are written by Christian women and cover an assortment of topics.  Some are food blogs that talk of food ministries and various recipes for all occasions.  A few are about everyday happenings in the life of the writer.  A few are geared to marriage and others are for moms.  And then there are ones written to all Christians that though written about their experiences whether struggles or lessons learned are all the while challenging me in my own walk with Christ.

Now all the blogs are entertaining, which is why I follow them in the first place.  And I have learned things from all of them.  But the ones that continue to be my favorites are the challenging ones... even though after I read them sometimes I feel like they are a soul punch. But these blogs are why I felt led to begin a blog myself. Because as a Christian I enjoy a close relationship with Jesus and as such I enjoy strengthening that relationship through reading his word (first and foremost), learning from others who are following Christ and teaching/discipling others.

This is the main reason that I wanted to begin a blog.  Because I wanted to encourage and challenge others in their faith.  And so they could see that the journey of a Christian, though rewarding and amazing can be a difficult one.  Because there is a hope and a joy and a peace beyond understanding that is part of the Christian life.  But there are also refining fires and ridicule and spiritual battles that we as Christians face. For every hardship that I have endured, for every test of faith I have withstood, for every sin I have had to face and repent of, I have been made stronger in Christ because his power is stronger in me so I can give more glory to God.

I wanted to share all of that backstory with you, because I hope to share just such an experience with you that I have come face to face with as a result of a blog that I read. It's something that I can't quite share the before and after with the lesson learned, because I am even now praying and struggling through it.  And the "it" is total surrender.
To keep this from getting too long, I'll explain more in the next post.

Love in Christ,


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