Saturday, December 7, 2013

The World Around

I had hoped to have this post up before December 1, because I wanted to provide an alternative "Photo Challenge" for the month of December but it just didn't happen. But here it is 6 days late, I'm going to issue the December Photo Challenge anyway.  If you don't know what a photo challenge is, then you probably don't follow any teenagers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Let me explain.

A Photo Challenge is different depending on who comes up with it, but for every day of the month there is a type of picture you are to take.  Examples include pictures of your toes, or a selfie, your room, the sunset, bff, etc.  Most of them include at least 2 selfies if not more disguised as ootd (outfit of the day) or a pic with your bestie.  Usually there is a list for each day.

Now I'm not a basher of pictures and love taking them myself.  But my photo challenge for December was going to be less focused on the picture taker and more on the world around you.  The hope would be that in focusing more on others, we would notice things we may not have noticed otherwise.  Like how stressed our parents are and that they probably need our help to get the nine hundred ninety-nine things done that need to be done this month.  Or notice the kid at school who is coming in without a coat on cold days, who could maybe wear one of the many coats, scarves or pairs of gloves you aren't using anymore. Or maybe you will see the people who just may need a smile or a hug this time of year.
Or perhaps you simply notice the beauty of God's creation.  How the grass is dead and brittle (we don't have to mow in the cold winter- yay!), and the trees have shed their leaves (to make way for the new buds and blooms of spring, or possibly to cover the cold ground or cold animals with a blanket of warmth) and how perfectly God created things to work with purpose and in harmony.

So this challenge isn't really about the negatives of selfies or the need for approval they illicit in the form of "likes" or comments that is hazardous to one's self worth. But this challenge is a challenge to think less of yourself this month and think more of others.  And hopefully more of Jesus.

John 3:30 says, "He must increase, but I must decrease." (ESV)  For Jesus to become more of our lives, our lives need to be less about us and more about him.  So here it is:

December Photo Challenge: Instead of selfies or pictures about things that are about you, or that you like or have anything to do with you, take at least one picture a day for the rest of the month that is not about you.  And post them to whatever social media you prefer using with the hashtag #lessofme. 

And as a bonus, please comment and let me know that your are participating in this challenge and if you feel comfortable share your username and which social media you are using so I can see your pics!  And why not challenge your friends this month too!

Happy Snappin'!

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