Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sick Week

One of the things I wanted to be diligent about with this blog was to post regularly, at least a couple of times a week.  But as with any intentions we have, sometimes life just gets in the way.  And this week sickness was the main culprit.

Not just any routine sickness, but the horrible nasty stomach bug. The one that has you in the bathroom more times in one hour than you usually go in a whole day. And combine that with chest congestion and a sick 7 month old, W, followed by a sick Nana who keeps W daily and then a sick husband and you know it has been one loooong week that I am happy to see coming to an end.

But on Sunday night after changing mine and W's clothes for the second time after he was sick all over them and snuggling him close in my lap tucked under my chin, I was reminded that in ALL things I am to be thankful. I mean, hello, I just wrote about it in the last post and challenged everyone to be thankful in all things, at all times, not just on Thanksgiving.

So I changed my prayer to one of thanks.  And then I thanked God that it wasn't as bad as it absolutely could have been.  And my whole prayer and outlook changed with that simple shift in attitude to one of thankfulness. 

And then I treasured the snuggle time I had with my little man because I know these days pass way too quickly.

Has anything happened in your life recently that could be handled better with an attitude shift?

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